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As of now, the social insurance industry is seeing quick changes with the development of digitization in both supplier and payer fragments, and consumerization and expense sparing activities driving the business. These progressions have constrained human services associations to reassess and modernize their present frameworks and also grow new business and innovation abilities.

Concentrate on responsibility, quality results and moderateness have prompted basic changes in the Healthcare business. As the push of Healthcare changes from charge for-volume to expense for-worth, all players in the biological community must reconsider their models. Two components discriminating for conveying financially savvy and top notch consideration are a hearty framework to convey Healthcare administrations and items, and a manageable repayment model to take care of the expenses of consideration.

Upheld by more than 08 years of business experience and conveyance brilliance, Qualsoft, human services arrangements help associations address these difficulties and get to be joined, more intelligent, and nimble. Our offerings spin around four key center ranges: human services change and orders, purchaser engagement, bits of knowledge driven choice making, and operations and expense upgrade.

Our profound space information, innovation and procedure ability, and our healthcare interests in inventive advanced offerings assistance human services organizations effectively explore a quickly evolving scene.

Our conveyance groups, experts, and SMEs have created offerings that are at the cutting edge of the human services IT advertise. We work with customers to guarantee that they are at the front line of advanced, investigation, care administration, gamification, and versatility administrations and arrangements. Our offerings empower associations to recharge their business forms and acknowledge capacity upliftment while picking up joining competency.

Our settled social insurance rehearse and demonstrated conveyance reputation guarantee that you encounter assurance of results. With expert advisors and number of doctors serving our payer, supplier and PBM clients all around, and a quickly developing human services hone – Qualsoft is the accomplice of decision for medicinal services change.

Our coordinated arrangements can empower healthcare associations to effectively concentrate on reestablishing the client experience, infer better well-being results, and give financially savvy results over the whole eco-framework.

Our complete healthcare offerings address three noteworthy industry needs – Simplification, Digital and Data and Analytics. Our offerings convey results on everything your needs – from disentanglement and modernization of frameworks to streamlining operations over the worth bind to utilizing inventive advanced, information, and investigation innovations and answers for drive purchaser centricity and enhance result


Cloud QEMR is developed by Qualsoft by the team of experts. Cloud QEMR is a cloud based Hospital Management System is an ERP suite of software modules to computerize any large scale hospitals and chain clinics and its branches. Cloud QEMR is perfect for all the hospitals including Super Specialty Hospital, Ophthalmology Hospital, Dental Hospital, Gynecology & Pediatrics Hospital and it is also easy to customize for Medical College Management. Cloud QEMR covers all the major functional areas of Healthcare sector.

How Qualsoft helps in Healthcare sector:

  • Useful in all healthcare sectors like General Practitioners, Surgeons, Gynecologist,Physicians, Nursing homes.
  • All types of Big & Small hospital.
  • Ideal for Multi-Speciality Hospitals.
  • Appropriate Medical Care Facility Localization.
  • Increased Hospital Occupancy.
  • Avoid Expensive ER Costs.
  • Decreased ER Crowding.
  • Compatible with any Windows 7 or higher version.
  • Integrated Search Engine.
  • Avoid duplication of work.
  • Track receipts and payments.
  • Save cost on stationary.
  • Optimize resource utilization.
  • Move towards paperless Office.

Our Healthcare Products :

  • Cloud QEMR
  • Cloud Pharmacy

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