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Consumers and organizations are making complex demands on producers. The purchasers demand most recent innovations, upgraded outlines, enhanced materials, unrivaled quality and improved client involvement in items. Accordingly, item organizations are constantly during the time spent advancement, re-designing, procedure streamlining, limitation, customization and expense justification to meet these requests.

Qualsoft offers innovative solutions for today’s competitive businesses, helps them to manufacture and launch products efficiently and quickly.

Our team is having rich experience in software and electronics engineering. Qualsoft has helped it customers to create consumer & retail products like Set Top Box, DVD Players, Televisions, etc. For any of your manufacturing process need, we can provide you the consultancy.

Qualsoft a brand on a voyage of empowering the IT world with innovative ideas in engineering services based on impeccable research, executing the services with pin point efficiency. With continuous introduction of newer technologies, new challenges and opportunities are likely to come up which can be dealt with appropriately and efficiently by insightful and dedicated staff with plenty of years’ experience.


Engineering Services Case Study:

An Electronics Giant MNC partnered with Qualsoft to implement a unified and comprehensive Barcode, Production, Planning & Supply Chain Management with Activation process of Set top boxes. Qualsoft’s implementation experience coupled with supply chain management (SCM) domain knowledge led to the development of highly scalable and flexible solution that helped the customer automate the entire process with validation and standardization of the manufacturing, dispatch and the activation process.

The Client:

Business Challenge:
The Client was entering the Set Top Box Business. The R&D team at the group delivered a world class product. The next step was mass production, which involved Production planning, Secure Set Top Box testing and dispatch.

The Client wanted to implement a system (business process and technology) to support their business requirements in the areas of:

  • Production Planning
  • Barcoding
  • Production
  • Dispatch
  • Activation of Set top Box

The group gave the order to one Pune based company to deliver the software for the above process. The Pune based company failed in delivering the software and were stuck in the SST process. The project was abandoned. Then the task was given to Qualsoft. After successful POC by Qualsoft, the project was awarded to Qualsoft.

Qualsoft Solution:
Qualsoft partnered with the client to implement an outstanding, high quality solution. The following steps were taken to design, develop, test and deliver the solution: Implementation of workflow managed processes for the approval and validation of the purchased goods. Reviewed and re-engineered existing processes to simplify the processes. Leveraged the Clients vendor’s (Smart card supplier) native workflow capability to support electronic routing of data, validation and activation. Designed and implemented business rules for exception handling of the data. Created workflow for exception handling and resolution and repairs.

Qualsoft applied industry standard business models, reviewed key internal and external process documents and validated business processes and procedures against best practices. Qualsoft’s implementation methodology provided a new and innovative way to streamline the implementation of enterprise-wide information systems, delineating a clear path for planning, executing, testing and supporting the activation process. The implementation also leveraged Qualsoft proven strength in extending package solutions, enhancing their effectiveness through seamless integration of emerging state of the art technologies. Qualsoft consultants focused on understanding the procurement, planning and production , dispatch and activation lifecycle.

Business Benefits ROI:
Qualsoft helped the client automate and simplify the entire process with optimized workflow and standardization of the processes across the organization and its partners. This facilitated the ability to reduce overall spend and simplified end to end process. The unified solution provided the following benefits: Increased efficiency due to elimination of redundant processes. Reduced organizational effort to support administrative aspects including data entry, data validation, exception management and freeing up the resources for more value added services Opportunity for centralized management of the data of production and activation processes leading to direct cost savings in terms of material availability and faster activation. Guidelines to new incumbents for tracking the process. Opportunity for wider scalability and clarity for future expansions and support.

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