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A GPS tracking software uses GPS device to determine the exact and precise location of any transportation vehicle, delivery person, courier boy or other asset to which it is attached and records the position at regular intervals and stores within the tracking unit and it is or may be transmitted to a central location data base, or any internet-connected computer, using a GPRS.

With Qualsoft GPS tracking software you can view the location of your transport fleet in real time – a great feature for close monitoring of individuals and fleet, or manage thousands of devices in real time with our powerful GPS tracking platform. You can create unlimited circular or polygonal geofence that follow a route efficiently.

How Qualsoft’s GPS Tracking Software helps :

  • Web based GPS Tracking Software
  • Access anywhere
  • Real time Vehicle Tracking
  • Vehicle location on Map
  • Full Vehicle route on a Map
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Location based SMS alerts
  • Multiple Accounts

Key Features

Features of GPS Tracking Software:

1. Devices Information: Here you can manage all the functionalities of GPS tracking software devices which are placed on your vehicle. Functionalities of GPS Tracking Software Devices manage are as under.

  • Device Search: Manage all the information like add, edit, delete of particular devices and vehicle in GPS Tracking Software.
  • Device Surveillance: Find map view, satellite view, terrain view and hybrid view of vehicle. Send SMS of device info to driver and customers
  • Device Last Track: Find last position of the vehicle and track all history positions.
  • Point Of Interest: Set point where the vehicle is to be located.
  • Group Management: Manage group add ,edit, and delete functionalities.
  • Locate Geo Path: Find Geo path on Google map giving starting and ending positions.

2. GPS Tracking software: Track all the information about the vehicle in this section.

  • Playback Tracking: Track all the past path of your driving vehicle.
  • Live Tracking: Tracking vehicle live will give current position ,speed, and ignition status of the vehicle.
  • Track on Google Earth: Generate KML file of the vehicle Position. This KML file will be opened with Google earth to find the complete path of the vehicle in 3D image of Google earth.
  • Detailed History: Find all the History data by date and time.
  • Locate Stoppage: Find all the stoppage of Vehicles.
  • Speed Monitor: Analyze maximum speed and average speed of vehicle during the path of vehicle on map.
  • Live view: See all the vehicles live tracking at in one map.

3. GPS Tracking Software alert: Get all the SMS alert for live vehicle tracking here

  • Speed Limit Alert: Send SMS to driver of vehicle for speed alert
  • POI Alert: Send the selected POI alert SMS to the vehicle device.
  • Digital Input Alert: Send digital Information for location points to customer.
  • Analog Input alert: Send Analog Information location points to customer.
  • Over consumed Alert: Send over consumed information of vehicle for example the speed of vehicle is gone more than limit
  • Geo path Alert: Send location information to customer.
  • Over stay Alert: Send Overstay Information like if the vehicle stays more than limit time on stoppage.

4.  GPS Tracking software alert history: History of location, speed, and ignition alerts to vehicle device are sent in this section.

  • All Alerts: Send all the information for the alert history to the vehicle devices.
  • Max Speed Alert: Send Max speed of vehicle alert history to the customer.
  • POI Alert : Send POI Alert History to the vehicle Devices.
  • Analog Input Alert: Send Analog input history information to the vehicle devices.
  • Digital Input Alert: Send Digital input history information to the vehicle devices.
  • Geo Path Alert: Send location alert history information to the vehicle devices.

5. GPS Tracking SoftwarReports: Generate reports of vehicle information like vehicle location, path, max speed, ignition, stoppage.

  • Fleet Summary Report: Generate current day information to device based on given time.
  • History Report: Generate history of device parameters in reports.
  • Last Track Report: Generate reports of last tracking of vehicle device
  • Speed Monitor Reports: Generate all speed information’s reports of vehicle last track
  • POI Alert: Generate all POI Information information report.
  • Input History Report: Generate on and off time of vehicle information report.
  • Travelling Report: Generate all the travelling location information of vehicle and get all the path of the vehicle on specified date and time
  • Stoppage Report: Generate all the stoppage information of the vehicle at specified time.
  • Distance Traveled report(By Lat & Long): Generate report about the total distance traveled and total fuel consumed.
  • Trip Report: Generate trip report of vehicle which is defined on specified time interval.