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Today, the Financial Services industry is confronted with rising cost of regulatory compliance, the evolving threat of cyber crime, and a diverse technology landscape.

These challenges, however, have opened up a wide array of opportunities, many of which still remain untapped. Thus, there is a continuous need to renew existing systems and address new challenges in financial services.

At Qualsoft, we enable enterprises to restructure their operating models, institutionalize compliance rules, and modernize technology infrastructure in financial services, while helping to leverage automation – to renew themselves – and emerge more efficient.

Our endeavor is to be at zero-distance on three dimensions: the end-user, the code, and its economic viability. Every day, we try to bridge the gap between our work and our clients by offering well-designed and engineered solutions that deliver real business value.

Qualsoft is charting a new future while growing from its strengths and thriving in the age of digital disruption. Our focus at Qualsoft Financial Services is to invest in mission-critical technologies and leverage disruptive IT trends to provide our clients with a distinct business advantage.

Qualsoft offers a unique blend of business consulting, application management, financial services and technology consulting services across business areas to global financial institutions. These offerings help financial institutions improve efficiency, optimize costs, meet risk and compliance mandates, and implement IT solutions that are finely attuned to their business needs.


Cloud Financial Accounting is developed by Qualsoft. Our Financial Services include Cloud Financial Accounting fulfills all your basic accounting needs with a minimum requirement. No need of software installation. The application runs in the browser on the Internet. With Cloud you are able to record your accounts and get reports instantly. Cloud Financial Accounting offers you multi-company, multi-location, multi-currency group accounting. Company wise and Group wise reporting available.

How Qualsoft’s Financial Services helps :

  • Easy to Use
  • Work Anywhere
  • Get Organized
  • Save Time Billing
  • Get Paid Faster
  • Grow Your Business

Our Product:

  • Cloud Financial Accounting

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