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The Qualsoft Hospitality and Leisure practice restores procedures to absorb client information from different sources: Point-of-Sales (POS) applications, faithfulness programs, CRM frameworks, and satisfaction channels. Further, bits of knowledge into demographics and inclinations help you sense request and convey an unrivaled visitor experience.

Your HR, money, inventory network, and acquirement administration frameworks needs incorporation with CRM devices, visitor databases, and the Property Management System (PMS), to support efficiency. An IT biological community empowers friendliness and gaming ventures to pick up bits of knowledge into business patterns, and client conduct and estimation in Hospitality sector. Precise investigation of information enhances arranging, operations, and budgetary administration.

In Hospitality, a streamlined production network legitimizes expenses and builds yield per visitor. Multilingual capacities in the POS framework can create income over you’re store network. Up offer and cross-offer are compelling when you convey customized and relevant offers from a fitting station, whether it is a cell phone, room TV screen, web entryway, or contact focus.

In Hospitality, Versatility arrangements are basic for millennial voyagers and permit visitors to reserve a spot, weigh in and look at utilizing cell phones. IT foundation, facilitated on the cloud lessens capital use. Business supportability arrangements lessen vitality and water utilization, while minimizing the carbon foot shaped impression.

Hospitality Center business applications can be improved with area particular information, for example, driving bearings, maps, eatery menus, and neighborhood catalog postings, to encourage helpful business/recreation travel. Your client experience administration methodology can be enlarged with online networking to connect with millennial explorers.

Your lodging, resort, or gambling club conveys a predominant visitor experience crosswise over touch focuses when you sense client conduct and react to request. IT foundation can be a business impetus by empowering you to upgrade operational proficiency and distinguish new income streams in Hospitality.

The Qualsoft Hospitality and Leisure practice improves your business into an information undertaking, and coordinates frameworks over your properties and business capacities. We enhance visitor life cycle administration with vigorous property administration, and brought together reservation frameworks.

Continuous information from different sources enhances interest gauging, visitor profiling, and asset arranging. Organized and unstructured information from the front work area, room administration, contact focus, online networking, and other visitor administration channels give rich client bits of knowledge. These assistance convey an unrivaled visitor experience some time recently, amid, and after the remain. We execute projects to deal with the visitor experience, and screen the viability of your steadfastness program.


Smart Hotel Management is designed and developed by a class of technical and management professionals at Qualsoft after consultations with various 5 star hotel heads and Managers exclusively to fulfill each and every need of the hotels.

Smart Hotel Management includes various modules that will automate each and every process of the hotel. The software is very user friendly and simple to operate.

How Qualsoft’s Hospitality helps:

  • Drag and drop calendar
  • Produce instant invoices
  • Simple one click reservation
  • Easy to view inventory grid
  • Multiple language translations
  • Over 50+ different currencies
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • File Sharing

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