Artificial Intelligence in Education

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Universities, Colleges and Schools

AI is no longer a buzzword, it has become a reality.

Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer sciences that deals with the development of intelligent machines, products or programs that think and work like humans.
eg. speech recognition, forecasting, planning, problem-solving, learning, etc.Use of AI is increasing day by day, It is influencing the way we live, learn and communicate.
Lot of new developments are going on in AI for different domains be it manufacturing, services, education, healthcare, etc.
Mostly AI tools learn from the historical data, the more quality data, the enhanced AI you will get.

A simple common example of AI usage:
You may have observed that if you search for different things on google or any other website, your choices are captured and then later on when you browse any other website, the advertisements are displayed as per you historical searches.AI algorithms discover trends and patterns in data and acquire a skill. The algorithm can teach itself what product or service to recommend next to online buyers.

AI blended with regular teachers can work wonders in the education sector.Its high time our Universities, Colleges and Schools start leveraging AI.

The application of AI in education, but not limited to are ;

Administrative Work:
AI can automate grading exams, assessing homework, and providing feedback and suggestions to their students.
Using AI enrollment, admissions, fee payments, results can be forecasted.

Tailor made Teaching:
Using AI you can customize the Teaching to the learning styles, grasping ability and preferences of the pupil.
AI-based solutions can adapt due to the students’ level of knowledge, interesting topics, and so on.

Virtual Facilitators and Learning Environments:
Chatbots or Virtual human teachers and facilitators can be used for interaction with the students.

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